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Branch Summaries

February 21, 2024

We're sprinkling a little magic on branches starting this week with AI-powered summarization and categorization of your code changes. All branches, open and merged, will now stream in a high level summary alongside a list of 2-5 of the most notable changes in the branch. All with zero configuration or setup.

The above screenshot is an example from a recent branch that added our new docs pages. It sounds wild, but in practice, these have gotten good enough already that our own commit messages and branch descriptions are essentially redundant.

These categories now help convey the type and intent of changes in a branch. It's never been easier to understand if a branch contains UX changes, data layer changes, API changes, dependency changes, etc.

This also means diffs are no longer strictly alphabetical. With one click, you can quickly filter or sort by the tags on any branch. Reviewers can now get to the changes they care about most instantly. We can't wait to see review times drop and the quality of feedback improve with these summaries.

More AI-powered features are on the way, so stay tuned! Jump into the Discord to get early access and share any feedback.

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