Merge Branches

Merge your changes so you can jump onto the next task.

When you’ve finished with your branch and are ready to merge it back into the base branch, you can do so from bottom bar on the branch page. Here’s how it works, and what happens after merging.


Look to the bottom of your browser window to find the bottom toolbar. As a branch author, you’ll see the large Merge button. Merging works a little differently on Pierre than other platforms:

  • Approvals are not required to merge a branch
  • Anyone can review a branch before or after merge
  • Any member of your workspace can merge an open branch

As an author, here’s what you’ll see on your branches:

You can merge at anytime, even if the changes aren’t your own branch.

The bottom toolbar looks a little different if you’re viewing someone else’s branch. The approve button is for reviewers to approve the branch before it’s merged. If you’re a reviewer, you’ll see this button on the bottom toolbar.

Clicking Appprove will open up a custom comment form where you can leave an optional message with your approval.

When you’ve approved a branch, the bottom toolbar updates to reflect the change.

Merging requires two clicks—after you click the merge button, we’ll always ask you to confirm it.

Confirming the merge will squash your changes, push them into the default branch (usually main), and the commit message will be updated with the branch’s title as well as the AI-powered summary and highlights.


Merging updates the timeline on your branch, as well as the history sidebar. The timeline shows approvals and merges in reverse chronological order.

And because approvals can come before or after the merge, sometimes you’ll see a branch was merged and then approved, like the example below. You’ll also see how optional approve messages are displayed in the timeline.

Learn more about reviewing and approving branches on Pierre.

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