Pierre CLI

Setup Pierre and your repositories on the command line with the Pierre CLI. We’ve designed our CLI to simplify the process of setting up SSH keys, connecting and cloning repositories, and configuring Git.

Whether you’re just starting out or are unsure where to head next, just start the CLI and it’ll help you through things step by step.


While not required, you can globally install the Pierre CLI to access it from anywhere on your system.

npm i -g pierre


When new versions of the Pierre CLI are released, you’ll see a message whenever you run a command. The fastest way to update it is to run the following:

npm i -g pierre@latest

Check version

Use the --version flag to check the version of the Pierre CLI you have installed.

pierre --version

No-install usage

If you don’t want to install the Pierre CLI globally, you can use npx to run it without installing it.

npx pierre@latest

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