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Join an Existing Workspace

Joining an existing workspace on Pierre? Learn how to join the workspace, create your account, and set up your local environment.


Get Invited

Once you’ve been invited by our team to try Pierre’s private alpha, you can sign in for the first time and get yourself setup. We recommend signing in with Google, but you can also request a magic link be sent to your email.

Read our Workspaces guide to learn about managing workspaces and inviting members.

Once you have the invitation, follow the steps below to create your account and set up your local environment. It should only take a few minutes. Here’s how email invites look. Click the Join on Pierre button or copy and paste the link into your browser to get started.


Join the Workspace

With your invite secured, you can join the workspace anytime.

Click the join button and you’ll be dropped right into the workspace on Pierre.


SSH Keys

After you’ve signed into the workspace, you’ll need to setup your SSH keys so you can authenticate with Pierre’s servers to push and pull changes. We recommend using our CLI to set up your SSH keys, but you can also do it manually, too. Use our SSH guides linked below to get setup.

Once you’re done with SSH, continue onto the next step here.


Next Steps

Heck yeah, you’ve joined your team’s workspace on Pierre and have your local environment ready to go! You can now clone any existing repositories or create new ones. When you’re ready, consider looking over our guides to familiarize yourself with Pierre.

  • Workspaces: Learn how to manage worksapces, invite new members, and create new workspaces.
  • Repositories: Learn about using and navigating repositories on Pierre.
  • Branches: Learn how to create, merge, and delete branches in your repositories.

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