Approving Branches

Sign off on the changes in a branch by approving.

Approving branches can come at any stage in the development timeline on Pierre. This means reviewers can comment and approve before a branch gets merged, or after. Pierre does this to keep teams moving fast while establishing a culture with a high degree of trust. Here’s how it works.


As a reviewer, here’s what you’ll see on your branches. The approve button is more prominent when you’re viewing a branch that’s up for review.

Clicking Appprove will open up a custom comment form where you can leave an optional message with your approval. Add some text, throw in a GIF, or leave it blank.

When you’ve approved a branch, the bottom toolbar updates to reflect the change.

From here you or the branch’s author can merge the branch. Not familiar with merging on Pierre? Read our merging branches guide.

After Approving

After you approve a branch and the bottom bar updates, the rest of the page will be updated in realtime as well. This includes adding a new timeline event and, if you left a comment, starting a new comment thread in the Comments sidebar.

Elsewhere, the branch author(s) are notified in their sidebar with a "needs attention" branch link that shows a green check to let them know their work was approved.

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