Reacting on Branches

Share positive, encouraging, or just fun feedback as you review branches with emoji reactions.

Pierre aims to change how people interact with one another during code review by lessening the apathy we all feel during review time. Where most tools were used to let you only react to comments with a limited set of emojis, we let anyone react to anything you can comment on.

Leave a reaction

For both descriptions and code, click and drag on any text to trigger the review toolbar. The review toolbar contains two actions at this time: add a comment and add a reaction.

Click the reaction icon to open the emoji picker. Similar to native emoji pickers, you can search for a particular emoji or jump to a specific category to find just the right reaction.

Once posted, a highlight and emoji will be added over the code or content you commented on. Down the left rail of the diff, you’ll also see an avatar of who added the reaction. This makes it easy to scan down the page for things to pay attention to in your diff.

Reaction Threads

Click on a reaction to open its conversation in the right-hand sidebar.

Anyone can reply to a reaction using the reply form in the conversation thread sidebar.

And just like comments, you can resolve and delete reaction threads.

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