Navigating Workspaces

Learn how work is organized across Workspaces to help you work more seamlessly.

Workspaces contain several pages specific to you, as well as all the workspace’s repositories. In your sidebar you’ll find common actions like search, new draft, user settings, and more.

My Branches

The first page you’ll land on in any workspace is My Branches, which shows all the branches you’ve contributed to that are open or merged. The default time range is the last 7 days, but you can change that as needed and even include archived branches.

The left sidebar is how you get around a workspace. The right sidebar is for team status and live presence indicators. This lets you see who’s online and if they’re working on a specific branch.


Reviews is where you’ll find a list of all branches that need your review in the current workspace. Reviews are broken down into three categories:

  • Branches whose authors requested your review
  • Branches that need a review, but didn’t request your explicit review
  • Branches you reviewed that are now merged

Similar to My Branches, you can filter the list by time range and toggle archived branches.


Drafts are private documents you’ve created in the workspace. They’re not associated with any Git branch or code changes yet, so you can use them to jot down notes, brainstorm ideas, write product review docs, or work on anything else you want to keep private for a while.

When you’re ready, you can convert a draft into a branch by pushing code. Learn more about Drafts.


Workspace repositories are listed in the left sidebar after your links. Repositories can be organized into custom groups, but by default they all appear in the Repositories group. You can create new groups and drag-and-drop repositories between them as needed.

Hover over a group to show the button, and click it to show the context menu. There you can create, rename, or delete groups, as well as create new repositories.

Account Settings

Access your account settings for your current user. These settings apply to all the workspaces you are a member of, and it’s where you’ll find settings like display name, email, color mode, and more.

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