Workspace Notifications

Stay up to date with notifications in your workspace. See what needs your attention, who’s mentioned you, and more.

In addition to your mentions, you’ll see notifications in the workspace for things that need your attention. This includes new branches, requested reviews, comments, approvals, and more. These come in the form of sidebar links, user mentions, and even in-app toast notifications.

Needs Attention

Whenever a branch needs your attention—whether it’s your own or a branch that someone asked you to review—you’ll see it show up in a special section below the relevant sidebar link. For example, in the below screenshot there’s one new branch under My Branches and one under Reviews.

My Branches, Reviews, and Drafts will each show items that need attention in the sidebar for the following reasons:

  • It’s a recently created branch or draft
  • Someone commented on, reacted to, or approved your branch or draft
  • You’ve been requested to review the branch

Click into those items to see what’s new and take action.

Unread Items

Unread items are marked with a purple dot to their left. You’ll see these on everything from branches to comments to mentions. When you’ve viewed the relevant activity, the dot will disappear.


Your teammates can mention you just about anywhere on Pierre. When they do, you’ll see an unread indicator on the icon in the top right of the left sidebar. Click it to toggle open the mentions popover.

All your mentions will appear here, and new ones will show as unread. When you have a lot of unread mentions, feel free to mark them all as read by using the link in the top right of the popover.


Toasts appear in the lower right corner of the app and show you timely events. You’ll see toasts for things like new changes getting pushed to a branch, new drafts being created, and more.

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