GitHub Actions

Already have your CI up and running on GitHub? Use mirroring to quickly sync the status back to Pierre in real-time.

How it works

Any repo on Pierre that is mirrored to GitHub will automatically support GitHub Actions with no extra setup or work on your end.

GitHub Actions themselves will continue to run and be hosted on GitHub's CI infrastructure (including logs), and only the status of the runs will be synced back to Pierre.


  1. Today we only show the status of GitHub Action runs that were triggered by push or merge AFTER you initially setup mirroring on Pierre.

This means you WON'T see any GitHub Action CI status until your next push or merge event after setting up mirroring!

  1. Pierre only supports GitHub Action runs that track push or merge events.

  2. If you have configured GitHub Actions to limit runs to specific branches, Pierre's CI gauge will not update on those excluded branches.

Multiple CI Sources

With Github Action support, Pierre has the ability to visualize CI runs across GitHub, CircleCI, Buildkite, etc, right alongside your standard Pierre CI runs.

This means you are able to run, write, and migrate Pierre CI jobs while continuing to support whatever excisting CI stack you might have.

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