Push Code to Branches

Pierre keeps branches and reviewers up-to-date in realtime as branches evolve.

As code is pushed to branches, Pierre automatically does a handful of operations in response.

  • The branch is updated in realtime with the latest changes.
  • The branch is bumped up to the top of your My Branches list and the repository’s branch list.
  • If someone is actively viewing the branch as a push comes in, the branch updates and briefly shows a toast letting them know of the update.

New changes are shown in the History sidebar on a branch. This sidebar shows a full history of changes to the branch with every commit. You can click on a commit to see the changes made in that commit.

When a branch has reviewers, Pierre notifies them of the update by updating their sidebar to include a "needs attention" link to that branch. This link takes them to the branch’s page where they can see the latest changes and approve or comment on them.

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