Drafts on Pierre are code-less "branches" that provide fast, private writing surfaces. Jot down notes, prep a PRD, or spec out your work before you start coding.

Drafts give workspace members their own, private space for working on their ideas. They’re built just like branches, but they have no code associated with them when they’re first created.

Functionally, drafts are identical to branches other than the lack of code. They still have a powerful rich text editor and the ability to be shared and published. Plus, whenever you’re ready to convert a draft to a branch, all you need to do is push code to it.

Drafts page

Just like My Branches and Reviews, there’s a Drafts page available to every workspace member that can be found in the left sidebar. This is where all the drafts you create will live.

Additional editors will also see your draft in their Drafts page. However, if you add a reviewer to a private draft, it’ll show up for that person in their Reviews page. If any comments roll in, the draft will also indicate the new activity with an "in review" icon and a "needs attention" notice in the sidebar.

New Draft

Use the New Draft button in the sidebar to start writing a new draft from anywhere. Drafts start off in a popover, so you can quickly start jotting down something, save it, and carry on.

More in Drafts

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