Converting Drafts to Branches

Push code to a draft to transform it into a branch with changes to review.

Drafts give you a way to work on ideas, documents, notes, and more in private without sharing it with your broader team. When you’re ready to turn it into a branch with code changes to review, all you have to do is snag the draft’s name and push code to it.

Take this draft for example—click the Mark/docs-redesign badge to copy the branch name.

Then head over to your terminal, check out the new branch, make your changes, and push it up. We use the -b flag to create a new branch using the draft's generated slug since the Git branch hasn't been made yet.

# Create your new branch
git checkout -b Mark/docs-redesign

# Add and commit your changes
git add .
git commit -m "wip"

# Push your changes
git push origin Mark/docs-redesign

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