Repositories are where you store your code, collaborate with others, and manage your project’s history. Learn how to create, manage, and work with repositories in Pierre.

Pierre workspaces house all your repositories, and you can create as many as you need. Repositories are where you store your code, collaborate with others, and manage your project’s history. Pierre is built on Git, so you can use all the Git commands you’re used to with Pierre and repositories behave the same here as any other Git host.


Repositories can be accessed from the sidebar in your workspace. Clicking on a repository will take you to the repository’s overview page, where you can see recent branches, latest CI status (if setup) as a gauge, browse the source code, and view the project’s readme.

Using the icon buttons in the top right, or the context menu on the sidebar repository link, you can access things like commit history, CI jobs, the Git URL, and repository settings.


If you’ve configured CI for your repository, you can view the latest CI jobs from the repository overview page. Jobs are organized by commit—click one to see the log output. Commits that have no CI jobs are automatically collapsed.


A repository’s history view shows all the commits in the repository, with the most recent at the top. Click on a commit to see the changes made in that commit.

File Explorer

Repositories have their own file explorer for browsing the project’s source code. Click a file to view its contents and click subdirectories to expand them. Hit the t key (or click the icon) to quickly search for files in the repository.

Creating Repositories

Create new repositories by hoving over a sidebar repository group and clicking the button. Then select the Create a new repo option.

Creating a new repository comes with a handful of options, all of which can be changed later if needed.

  • Name — The name of the repository. This will be used in the URL, Git URL when cloning, and in the sidebar.
  • Default Branch — Choose between main or master for now. Additional options may be available in the future.
  • Group — Repositories can be grouped in the sidebar. Default is Repositories.
  • Emojitar — Choose an emoji or upload a custom image to your repository name for some personality.

The Git URL is not customizable and is generated based on the repository name and team name.

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